There’s usually a little bit of a loss in numbers after the first debate rolls through town. The emotional rollercoaster of listening to two candidates jibber jabber and sometimes skirt the issues must be too much for some audiences after the first time through. Yesterday, Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama went through the rigmarole of the second Presidential debate, and while the numbers did drop, they didn’t fall as far as one might guess.

According to Deadline, Tuesday’s debate brought in 65.6 million viewers. The bad news is that’s down 1.6 million from the October 3rd debate where both titans clashed and Jim Lehrer cowered. The good news is the second debate was up in viewers from the second debate of the 2008 election. More Americans investing in the debates means more informed voters, which is never a bad thing. Still, it’s a bit of a shame that the numbers didn’t compete with the first debate, as the verbal sparring was far more spectacular on Tuesday.

Deadline is also noting that, of all the outlets providing debate coverage last night, by far NBC pulled ahead with the most viewers. NBC pulled ahead of ABC with 13.8 million total viewers, while the alphabet network only garnered 12.46 million. Fox News took third place with 11.1 million. It’s surprising that NBC and ABC were able to pull ahead when the various cable news outlets should have more comprehensive coverage, but I guess network TV watchers really will stick with the low-numbered channels when possible.

The third presidential debate is set for the evening of Monday, October 22.

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