See Walton Goggins' Transgender Badass Back On Sons Of Anarchy


Even though the events that take place on FX’s Sons of Anarchy are often drowning in blood and sneers, the series’ off-screen announcements always bring smiles. And there’s a certain someone smiling in the picture above that SAMCRO fans have been waiting for: Venus Van Dam. The fan favorite character, as portrayed by Justified’s Walton Goggins, will be coming back to win over audiences’ hearts as soon as next week! Somebody grab the whips and chains.

Goggins will reprise the role of the emotionally-charged transgender not only in the upcoming fourth episode “Poor Little Lambs,” but he’ll also be coming back for Season 7’s tenth episode, which doesn’t have a title yet. Just like when we first met Venus, SAMCRO comes calling once they need some information that she might be privy to. I have no idea what that might be at the moment, but it turns out that isn’t even the most exciting part.

Show creator Kurt Sutter shared with EW that viewers will finally get to the bottom of one of the strangest flirtations in Sons’ history. “We find out what’s been going down off-screen between Venus and Tig,” he told them. “It’ll be our love story for the season.” That’s the highlight of my day. After last week, when Tig “jokingly” faked oral sex with Rat during a stakeout, it seemed likely that his bouncing sexuality would come up again this season. And there’s no one better than Venus for him to share it with. Relive their first meeting in the video below.

Venus did return last season for a couple of episodes, but the subject matter was quite dark, as she dealt with her truly awful mother and her helpless child. I’m really hoping there’s some levity to be found in these upcoming episodes. Let's keep the smiles in that picture going, people.

Goggins also spoke with EW, sharing his thoughts on how much happiness the character brings to him.

Because I personally, Walton Goggins, don’t feel that – I feel it as Venus. Venus feels it and reciprocates that with her boys—all the guys on the show. She just considers them brothers, like seeing family that she hasn’t seen in a while. They’re so kind and so gentle to Venus. It’s so refreshing. There’s no competition, there’s just enjoyment on all sides.”

I have to wonder if Sutter and Goggins expected Venus to become so popular when they first conceived her. Either way, find out what she’s been up to when next week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy airs on Tuesday, September 30 at 10 p.m. ET.

Nick Venable
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