TV Land’s Giant Baby pilot has managed to pull in some veteran comedy names over the past few weeks, including Cheers' Kirstie Alley and Rhea Perlman. Now, the pilot has added Seinfeld veteran Michael Richards, known for his antics as Kramer on the hit nineties comedy, as well as Switched at Birth’s Gilles Marini, to the cast.

Richards is set to co-star in Giant Baby, a series that will follow Alley as a Broadway star who gave up a baby at a younger age. At the start of the series, her long lost son will pop up and try to reconnect with his birth mother after his adoptive mother dies. The series will also star Eric Peterson as the son, Arlo. With Perlman signed on as Alley’s assistant and friend, it’s hard to guess where the series will find room to fit the two male actors.

Apparently, Alley’s character will be a really prominent Broadway actress, with more than a little dough in the bank. According to Deadline, Richards is on board to play the Broadway star’s limousine driver and Marini has signed on to play her chef. The site is also reporting that casting Richards is yet another move from the cable network to return some of comedy’s greats to television. With Richards, Alley, and Perlman all signed on for the Giant Baby pilot, this one looks primed to go to series, although it does help that TV Land doesn’t have a ton of pilots on deck.

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