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There was a period in the nineties when movie producers tried to make Shaquille O’Neal a legitimate movie star. Although that may not have taken, the former NBA player has popped up in movies and TV shows in the years since Kazaam was first released. Now, this week, truTV announced it has ordered a pilot based on Shaq’s business empire currently rolling with the working titled Shaq Inc..

If it moves forward, Shaq Inc. will follow Shaquille O’Neal and his team as they deal with life on the job. According to the press release for the show, the 30-minute comedy will focus on new business ideas and ventures, as well as dealing with all of the day-to-day work involved with maintaining Shaq’s brand and endorsements. Most of the people involved with the team want to “make the big guy proud.”

It doesn’t sound particularly funny, but TMZ apparently got their hand on the script and says it is an adult comedy with adult jokes, including references to ISIS, crack and a Tim Tebow joke, because of course. Obviously, if that is indeed the script for the pilot, it could totally be changed before Shaq Inc. is shot, but it’s still nice to hear the comedy might have potential.

It’s certainly a better idea than Shaq Vs., an ABC reality series that featured Shaq competing and usually losing to athletes in other top sports. It also won’t be the first time Shaq has teamed up with truTV. In 2012, the man signed on for Upload with Shaquille O’Neal, a live action series that looks at funny videos on the Internet. Obviously Shaq Inc has a little more creative merit and if it ends up getting a series order, it will give O’Neal a chance to really flex his acting muscles.

Perry Rogers, Colin Smeeton and Michael Parris are producing the pilot, while Trophy Wife’s Dan Kaplow and The Other Dream Team’s Jon Weinbach are co-executive producing. Galavant’s John Fortenberry will direct. Interestingly, The Wedding Ringer writer Jeremy Garelick is on board for Shaq Inc.

Tru TV’s not exactly known for its scripted programming, but it’s hard not to be excited for a Shaq-based scripted series—especially a Shaq based comedy show. I have no idea if the man will be able to carry a comedy, but we do know he can be amusing, and half the fun will be finding out how the series pans out. We’ll let you know if Shaq, Inc. ends up moving forward.

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