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Siberia Trailer Teases NBC's Found-Footage Drama About A Survival Show Gone Wrong

As though reality TV didn't already have enough drama, NBC's Siberia will take the concept to the next level. Siberia is a scripted drama about a reality show. That much needs to be clear because you may have watched the above trailer thinking you were seeing a preview for a new Survivor-like reality show where things suddenly turned horror-movie-level, which caused you to start thinking, "This can't be real." It's not real. Well, the drama is real, the reality show is fiction.

The set-up for Siberia is that 16 reality TV show contestants are shipped off to Siberia in the Tunguska territory. A hundred years ago, a meteor hit that area and now bad things are happening there. Or maybe bad things were always happening there, but this reality show (cast and crew) are now there to document it. It begins with one contestant getting badly injured and things get worse after no help arrives and more strange occurrences begin to take place. They eventually start to realize it's not part of the show.

From the trailer, which comes to us via EW, Siberia looks like someone questioned what it might be like if things went horribly wrong during the taping of a reality show. How would the contestants react when it's no longer a big pile of cash on the line, but rather, their lives? It's an interesting concept, and one that may work out better playing out as a summer series. At least, better than things worked out for The River.

Siberia premieres Monday, July 1 on NBC.

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