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Sons Of Anarchy Almost Featured Two Huge True Blood Stars

I could go on for days about all the ways in which Sons of Anarchy was an incredible slice of TV pie, but I’ll just mention how pitch-perfect 99% of the casting was throughout the show’s seven seasons. Sadly, the world missed out on two potentially amazing guest spots in Season 7, as True Blood stars Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin had the chance to take a couple of roles, but it all fell apart. Just like everything else in Jax Teller’s life.

Apparently Moyer and Paquin – whose real-life marriage was complemented by their onscreen romance as Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse, respectively – are giant fans of Sons of Anarchy, and creator Kurt Sutter wanted to reward their fandom by casting them in roles that shouldn’t surprise anyone that loves the violent biker drama. Here’s how Moyer put it to EW

I was going to play a pimp and she was going to play a whore. We were trying to make it work. We were dead into it. The thing was, we agreed to have some time off after the end of True Blood, and we had already arranged it. Anna paid for the flights to New Zealand, and it happened that these bits and pieces were shooting while we were in New Zealand, and she hadn’t seen her family…We just said we can’t do it.

Not that Moyer hasn’t played a variety of roles outside his posh True Blood vamp, but it would have still been a shock to see him pop up in the same city as SAMCRO. And for Paquin to take on the role of one of Charming’s less reputable citizens, that would have been great as well.


While he wasn’t quite directly clear about what roles they’d have played, the only pimp and whore I can specifically think of in Season 7 came during Episode 7, ”Greensleeves,” in which the titular pimp gets rough with his girls, and his girls then get rough with Jax and Chibs. Jax also gets his bike smashed up, which means that Moyer wouldn’t have been long for this world at all. The whore in question, Winsome (Inbar Lavi), got together with Jax as well, and I’m not sure if my TV could have taken a sexed up scene between Anna Paquin and Charlie Hunnam.

Stephen Moyer wouldn’t have long to wait before getting to work with Kurt Sutter, though, as he’ll be starring in the upcoming FX drama The Bastard Executioner, which looks like a fine mix of blood, violence and anger, things that fans of Sons of Anarchy and True Blood are used to seeing.

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