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Read no further if you're not caught up on this season of Sons of Anarchy! It's been a couple of episodes, but Opie's death still stings, and I doubt most fans of the FX drama series will be over that anytime soon. But the show must go on, and it has. So, what's next for Ryan Hurst now that his part in Sons of Anarchy is over? Possibly another cable show. The actor has joined the cast of a TNT drama pilot.

Deadline posted the news today, stating that Hurst is joining the cast of the TNT drama pilot King & Maxwell. The project comes from NCIS' Shane Brenna and is adapted from characters by writer David Baldacci. Jon Tenney will play Sean King, a private investigator who, along with fellow private eye MIchelle Maxwell, is a former secret service agent. Hurst has signed on to play Edgar, an imprisoned man who's described as "a suspected serial killer." He also apparently has a gift for numbers. "A high-functioning autistic savant with an extraordinary ability to see patterns and numerical sequences, he forms a special relationship with King that leads to a breakthrough in their case."

Hurst may have played a biker in Sons of Anarchy, but anyone familiar with the FX series knows Opie had a soft side. He was probably the sweetest of all of the SAMCRO guys, so it's hard to picture Hurst playing a murderer - or a "suspected serial killer." The description says his character is in prison, but the word "suspected" makes it sound like maybe he hasn't been convicted of the murders, or that it wasn't proven. Just a bit of random speculation (because I'm unwilling to picture Hurst playing a bad guy). Still, it's great to hear he's found another TV role. Hopefully things will move forward with this project. In the meantime, we'll see Hurst in the upcoming film CBGB.