Sons Of Anarchy Season 7, Episode 4 Watch: A SAMCRO Member Dies, And More

Working all the angles means having one’s eyes and ears in all places at once, which is virtually impossible, even when everybody’s working together. Jax has been biting off more than he could chew for years now, but his schemes are now a lot more impulsive than they used to be, and SAMCRO is a lot more transparent than it used to be. Which is how “Poor Little Lambs” ends with 16 dead bodies inside of a whorehouse and one SAMCRO member's corpse shoved inside a wooden box. Sons of Anarchy throws all-out massacres into the mix as often as some sitcoms use jokes.

”What happens at Diosa will impact you.”

So, we all know that Jax has done a pretty shitty job of having SAMCRO clean up after itself during this season’s “us vs. the world” storyline. It turns out it was all for naught anyway, as Lin is sick of being lied to. So sick, in fact, that he not only bombs the ice cream shop, but he has also stolen the club’s guns (killing West in the process), and then orders a hit on everyone who happens to be inside of Diosa on that fateful evening. This includes Colette, who first passes Gemma’s Mommy Fetish personality test, as well as some of those other scantily clad ladies whose names are…on the actresses’ resumes.

This is probably going to be the corpse-shaped last straw for Nero, who already spent an earlier part of the episode dealing with Sheriff Jarry on the issue of the abusive father that Jax beat the shit out of last week. Turns out the guy spent a day and a half in the hospital and is retracting his pressed charges. Jax comes clean about it, but Nero knows that Jax is burning up fast at both ends, and he lets Gemma know as much. That rift is going to be too much for Gemma and Nero to live through at some point soon, especially now that they’re being more honest about keeping secrets from one another.

And so now where is the club at? They no longer have the never-busy ice cream shop, which means we’ll probably be getting yet another change of scenery. Jax no longer has Nero’s trust, though I’m sure that was already gone. SAMCRO no longer has a second legit income, unless Diosa had a wholly different second string of girls ready to take the places of all the dead ones. And even though Chibs’ sweet hand action with Sheriff Jarry might get her less focused on the bomb, she’s certainly not going to let bygones be bygones over a bunch of dead people. Plus, you just know the club is going to one to take revenger for West's death, whenever they find out about it. Great job, Jax. You’re almost ready to be President of the United States at this point.

”Dog food’s got an expiration date.”

In trying to mend fences with Whitey, Jax sets up a meet with a bunch of tattooed skinheads to trade off the leftover Chinese heroin. Unfortunately, Deputy Sheriff Cane and Officer Eglee arrive at the scene, which spooks the supremacists, whose first instinct is to kill both cops. The meeting then splits, with both parties leaving to avoid a future where authorities are swarming the area, but nobody stopped to make sure Eglee was actually dead. She isn’t, and she’ll definitely be able to place at least Jax and SAMCRO at the scene, even if she doesn’t know the other guys. This could be major trouble, as Jax told Jarry they had nothing to do with it, which probably means someone is going to try and kill Eglee as soon as possible.

Why is everyone talking to themselves?

Gemma is sort of crazy now, talking to Tara’s spirit as if it was her guardian angel. But it’s already getting old, as she’s not even saying anything interesting. It’s like Rick in The Walking Dead. Get rid of this pointless gimmick quickly. I’d rather watch Gemma go nutso in a different way; quietly and with one eye always blinking.

The same goes for Juice, who is just sitting in his hotel room talking to no one in particular about trying to get back into the club. (I definitely thought someone was going to be in that shower for whatever reason.) And then we’re introduced to Courtney Love’s teacher character, who arbitrarily just comments on Gemma after their meet has concluded, saying, “Damn, grandma’s kinda crazy,” or something like that. It would have been weird enough on its own, but there’s already too much self-talk happening in this episode. Why is this a theme, Kurt Sutter?

”I feel we are connected on a deeper vibration.”

Venus is back! At least for tonight, and then again later in the season. Not only does she help the guys on a conquest, but we finally get to see just how deep her friendship with Tig runs. Hint: it runs to at least first base. I don’t think anyone was surprised by any of this, as even before all of Tig’s moon-eyed looks at Venus earlier in the episode, we knew he had a soft spot for her. Or should I say, a really hard spot. In the pants.

My only complaint here has nothing to do with Tig and Venus’ spit-swapping kinship. It’s that Venus came back as a part of this whole porn-shooting pastor and his family ties storyline. I get that this is going to come back to August and that it’ll put Jax even deeper into the crime boss’ doghouse, but none of it feels like it’s worth paying attention to. The only thing this plotline made me take note of was during the scene when they dig the corpse up to get his cell phone; I held my breath through that entire scene, as if I would also be able to smell the decomposition. Otherwise, all this has done was put a bullet into Tig’s stomach, and I don’t see yet why that was necessary.

Some Clever Juice-Related Header

Juice is still there, complaining that his life means nothing if he’s all alone. Cry me a slip-and-slide.

Next week looks like it’s going to kick things up another notch or two, as this fractured house of cigarette packs will continue to crash down all around Jax until there’s no one left standing. Except probably Unser, because he’s pretty good at surviving.

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Stuff That Fell Off the Back of the Bike

“Charming. Our name says it all.” What’s your angle, Jarry? WHAT’S YOUR ANGLE?!?

Without the ice cream shop, what meaningless task is Chuckie going to have to take on now? Fro-yo?

I burst out laughing when Gemma said that Abel was like his father and that he “knows his tribe.” I’m pretty sure Abel wouldn’t know a lemon from a piss-stained pair of underwear.

“I miss my dogs.” By far the best line reading Marilyn Manson could possibly be capable of.

It’s hard not to laugh when Gemma tells a woman that she will shove coffee up her ass, all while in front of the woman’s cookie-munching child. He’s like, “Whatever. Everyone hates my mom.”

“Cause the next time, that ice cream shop could be filled with kids.” As if any kids ever went into that place.

“Guess your folks were hoping for a black baby…Absolutely, sistahhh.” Gemma is terrible, but is amazing at it.

“Are you shitting me?”

“No, that comes later.”

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