Sons Of Anarchy Debuts Season 7 Teaser, Adds Courtney Love For Multi-Episode Arc

Did we just watch a teaser trailer for Ghost Rider 3: Jax Attaxx? Nope, this is the very first promo for the seventh and final season of FX’s hugely popular series Sons of Anarchy. And while that alone would be enough to get excited about, Sons is also bringing in a brand new cast member to shake up Jax’s life. Hole front-lady and sometimes actress Courtney Love has signed on to the show for a multi-episode arc, and her role may surprise you. (Assuming you expected creator Kurt Sutter to stick Love in the dingiest parts of Charming, as I did.)

Let’s talk about Love’s role first. According to TV Line, she’ll be making her dramatic TV debut as Ms. Harrison, the straight-laced preschool teacher who teaches Jax and Wendy’s son Abel, and we should expect Harrison to “take a special interest in Abel, which will likely spark an interesting reaction” from Wendy. And what about Gemma? We all know she doesn’t like ANYONE coming between her and her boys.

It’s an interesting choice to bring Love to the table – not the table – and she joins a line of music icons who have sullied the lives of SAMCRO’s elite. We’ve seen Henry Rollins and Dave Navarro already, and Marilyn Manson joined the cast at the end of May. Now if only we could get the Sons to create an in-house band.

courtney love

Now back to that teaser, courtesy of EW, which doesn’t really do much besides make Jax’s face alternate between normal and a skull. (Well, he's completely clean-shaven, which isn't "normal" really, but still.) With this show, though, there are a thousand ways to read into what the skull means. Does it prophesize Jax’s own death, or does it present him more as the grim reaper of their logo? Plus, there are all the Hamlet references sprinkled throughout the series’ run, and we all Hamlet holding poor Yorick’s skull, after which the play’s final act begins.

Will everyone die in the end? Will anyone make it out alive? Who’s getting semi-naked this season? Wait, we actually have an answer for that, courtesy of Sutter himself.

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Get your own skulls ready for Sons of Anarchy’s Season 7 when it returns to FX this fall.

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