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The sound of wedding bells may be heard over the roar of motorcycle engines when Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy gets going on FX this fall. A spoilery image surfaced online today, which shows off the happy bride and groom, and also reveals something fairly disastrous! Spoiler alert: Jax cut his hair!!!

Who’s getting married? Opie and Lyla of course! EW got the exclusive on the image below, which features Opie and his porn-star bride Lyla as they tie the knot. Look at the smiles on their faces.

(click here to view the full image - EW's Image credit: Prashant Gupta)

You’ll also see Jax on the left with his normally long blonde locks clipped short. Why?! Alright, maybe "disastrous" is an exaggeration. He still looks good, hair or no hair, and change is good right?

Sons of Anarchy returns to FX this September.

Series creator Kurt Sutter is not sounding optimistic about ratings for the new season. Earlier today, he tweeted, “season 4. not expecting many new viewers. honestly, in the current tv landscape, i'll be VERY happy if the ones we had continue to show up.”

So don’t forget to show up! And get your friends to watch Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix. Season 3 comes out in August, and according to another recent @SutterInk tweet, “SEASON 3 DVD out in AUG. PACKED WITH AWESOME SHIT. BUY IT! and i say this 'cause fans will LOVE it...not just because it helps my back end.”

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