TV Recap: Entourage - Manic Monday

What better way to ease the awkwardness between agent and client than a good old-fashioned romp session? One of the reasons many of us love ‘Entourage’ is because it’s a glimpse into the glitzy Hollywood world in which pretty people deal with the usual stresses of celebrity life. In tonight’s episode, titled “Manic Monday,” Vince’s agent Amanda found a way to get him to stop giving her the run around while Ari worked on getting his edge back.

Ari’s been an emotional wreck since he lost his star client. Its started to affect his appetite, his marriage, which has always been a little rocky but most importantly, its affecting his work. When it came time to fire one of his agents, he was unable to seal the deal. After tearing up while looking at a photo slideshow that included pictures of him and Vince, he decided to stalk his therapist and demand that she help him get his edge back.

He tells her that he can’t get angry anymore. While she thinks this is a good thing, this only serves to infuriate Ari, which in turn, helps him get back to the guy he once was (an asshole). He returns to the office and publicly fires the agent. On a high from this experience, he makes a rude comment at a female employee who was eating a candy bar. Apparently, reclaiming his inner-jerk has helped him get his appetite back as well because he grabs it from her hand and takes a big bite as he walks away.

Meanwhile, new-agent, Amanda is tired of Vince and Eric avoiding her calls. She demands a meeting with them. The two sit on her office couch looking like two kids sent to the principal’s office while she yells at them for their indecision and demands to know why they’re second-guessing the Mendes film. The guys agree to reread the script but after a failed attempt to get through it, they all agree that it’s boring and that the only reason they said they liked it in the first place was because Amanda was so enthusiastic about it.

At a dinner meeting later that day, Vince explains this to Amanda. He goes on to tell her that she’s hard to say no to because she’s so cute. Vince does all this in his usual charming, adorable way and it seems to soften Amanda a bit. Later that night she calls Vince and asks him directly if he wants to sleep with her. He admits that he does and she replies by saying that she hates sexual tension because it complicates things.

Her solution is to get together that night, sleep together (though she didn’t put it as mildly as that) and then never speak of it again. Her logic is that if they get it out of the way they can get down to business. Is this really how things work in Hollywood-land? Apparently in Vince’s world it does because he agrees. Then again, Amanda is gorgeous and its evident that Vince is attracted to her aggressive personality. It would be quite unlike Vince to turn down such an offer, regardless of the consequences. Though it’s likely that he’s aware that this could turn out to be a mistake because he lies to his boys, including Eric and heads off to relieve some sexual tension with Amanda.

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