TV Recap: Entourage - The Young And The Stoned

Being friends with Vince Chase certainly has its benefits. On tonight’s episode of ‘Entourage,’ titled “The Young and the Stoned,” Vince helped Eric get Anna Faris’ address after she ran into him with her car and Turtle benefited from Vince’s fame when he was pulled over by the police. Meanwhile, Ari’s jealous streak came out when he learned that his wife was supposed to kiss a hot Latin guy during a guest appearance on a soap opera.

Back in her twenties, Mrs. Ari once starred in ‘The Young and the Restless.’ When the episode opened, she was giddily talking on the phone with her producer, who had invited her to do a guest appearance on the show. She was concerned about how she’d look, and Ari didn’t help matters much when he mentioned how she’s no longer twenty-five and that hi-def television isn’t all that forgiving. This didn’t exactly sit well with Mrs. Ari.

At work, Lloyd filled Ari in on his wife’s role in the show. When Ari saw a picture of Julio, the hot guy whom Mrs. Ari would be seducing, Ari headed over to the studio to interfere. He basically told Julio that if he kisses his wife, Ari would see that his career goes down the toilet. Julio took the threat seriously and wouldn’t kiss Mrs. Ari during the scene. The director asked what the problem was and Julio pointed to Ari, who was standing off camera. Mrs. Ari was so infuriated by this that she planted one right on Julio’s lips.

Later that night they talked it out and Mrs. Ari confronted him about the comment he made about her age. In all fairness, Ari’s comments were meaningless as Mrs. Ari spent half the episode looking stunning. Between the scenes with her in her underwear and the cleavage-inducing dress she wore while shooting for the soap opera, she definitely had it right when she said she was aging better than her husband (no offense, Ari!). She told him she was offered a role as a series regular but after they resolved the whole issue with Ari’s jealousy, she said she wouldn’t take the part because she likes having time with the kids. It was kind of cute to see Ari’s jealous side and at the same time, very humorous – especially when he mentioned, “suffering through monogamy” together. Mr. and Mrs. Gold don’t have the conventional husband and wife dynamic, but if there’s one thing there’s no shortage of, its passion.

While waiting for the cable guy to arrive, Vince, Drama and Turtle were prepared to spend the day getting stoned off Vince’s stash of some recently extinct type of weed. At the supermarket where he was stocking up on munchies, Turtle met a hot girl and invited her and her two friends back to Vince’s house to party. On the car ride home, the girls begged Turtle to let them spark up the bowl but since he swore to Vince that he’d wait until he got home, he refused to let them do anything more than smell the stuff. One of the girls in the car was giving Turtle some major attitude. It didn’t help that earlier Turtle pointed out how not-hot she was.

While Turtle and the not-hot girl were arguing, Turtle ran a stop sign and got pulled over by the police. The cop smelled the weed in the car and made Turtle get out. After running his license and registration, the cop noticed that Vince’s name was on the registration. This was apparently enough for the cop to let Turtle go, but not before making him drop the weed down the sewer. Turtle was a step ahead of him though. He placed the container of marijuana on the ledge inside the sewage drain and returned to get it as soon as the cop was out of sight. The group headed home where they proceeded to get baked with the rest of the guys.

Eric was trying to find Vince’s new house when he was rear-ended by Anna Faris. Anna was wearing a towel, having just gotten done with pilates and didn’t have her wallet on her so she gave Eric her phone number so he could call to get her insurance. There was some mild flirting going on during all of this, which led Eric to believe there was a spark there. But when he got home, he tried calling her and it turned out to be a wrong number. The guys all thought this was hilarious but Eric, claiming that he wanted to sort out the insurance thing, had Vince get her address.

When he went to her house, she told him that she didn’t mean to give him the wrong number but she just got a new cell phone and keeps forgetting the new number. The excuse seemed genuine enough and Eric ended up giving her a ride to a meeting she had to attend. On the way over, they talked about the movie she was going to do (Brown Eyed Girl). Eric knew of the movie since Vince was offered a role but he didn’t like it. He gave her his opinions on why he thought the movie didn’t work and she headed into the meeting.

Later that day, she called Eric to invite him to dinner. The guys all voiced their opinions over whether or not Eric would be able to land Anna. On the dinner date, they talked more about the movie and Anna admitted that after the meeting, she called her agent and said she didn’t want to do it. Mid-way through the conversation, her cell phone rang and it was her boyfriend. This took Eric by surprise. As it turns out, Anna wanted to meet with Eric because she appreciated his professional opinions and later she asked him to be her manager. When Eric delivered this news to Vince, he didn’t look happy. It’s a rare thing to see Vince Chase looking concerned about anything so I think its safe to say that Eric’s new client could pose a threat to his relationship with Vince.

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