TV Recap: Heroes - Chapter 21 - The Hard Part

Last week, Hiro and Ando got more than a glimpse of what the future could hold for the fate of the world if they don’t manage to find a way to change things. In this week’s episode of ‘Heroes,’ titled “The Hard Part,” the two set out to make the necessary changes to prevent the events that will set the potential future in motion. Meanwhile, the rest of the heroes continue working on their own personal missions.

Hiro and Ando return to Isaac’s loft to find him dead. While they’re there, Sylar shows up. He can sense their presense by hearing their heartbeats but they blink out of there before he can find them. They follow him to his mother’s apartment where we get to see a different side of Sylar. His mother is a lonely old woman who is convinced that her son is destined for greatness. She even goes as far as to say he could be president (if only she knew!). He asks her if she thinks he could hurt a lot of people but the woman is too blinded by her love for her son to see the evil brewing within him.

Hiro and Ando are watching all of this from outside the window. Hiro starts to rethink killing Sylar, believing he might choose to abandon his evil-ness. Ando disagrees and the two watch on.

Sylar demonstrates his powers for his mother by turning her living room into a snow globe by freezing sprinkles of water. In typical Sylar fashion, he gets a little crazy with this act and starts levitating his mother’s snow globes and making them circle around her. As they get faster and faster his mother starts to get scared. One of the snow globes hits her in the face and makes her bleed. She runs out of the room crying. Sylar tries to tell her about what he’s seen in the paintings; including the fact that he thinks he will be the one to kill millions of people.

She comes out of the room and the two argue. She picks up a pair of scissors and tells him that she’s leaving and wants him gone by the time she gets back. Things get physical and Sylar’s mother ends up getting stabbed in the chest with the scissors. Hiro stops time just as she’s about to fall and approaches Sylar, ready to strike him with the sword. He seems remorseful about this and hesitates for a second before lifting the sword. Just as he’s about to swing, Sylar’s eyes move to rest on Hiro. Time starts back up and Sylar grabs the sword, then freezes the blade.

Just as Sylar is about to kill Hiro, Ando comes bursting in and distracts him long enough for Hiro to touch Ando and blink the two of them out of there. When they find themselves back at Isaac’s loft, they find that the blade of the sword was broken.

Claire is ready to head off to Paris on Nathan’s request. When she and Peter are talking, he tells her that he needs to stop the big nuclear explosion. She makes the connection between what he’s talking about and Ted, the nuclear man. Peter’s never even heard of Ted so she explains about how he burned her family’s house to the ground. They go to talk to Nathan about this but when they arrive, they see Nathan talking to Thompson. Claire recognizes him as the guy who worked with her father and realizes Nathan cant be trusted. She leaves despite Peter trying to say that Nathan wouldn’t lie to them.

Later, Peter shows Claire the pictures he’s been drawing since he got Isaac’s powers. Peter’s ability to sketch has improved greatly since his stick-figure days back at the beginning of the season. She points out Ted in one of the pictures. Peter uses the pictures to figure out where Ted will be so they can go find him. He gives Claire a gun and tells her that she might need to shoot him in the back of the head to keep him from exploding. It’s the only way.

The two set off and Ted, Matt and Bennet show up in the predestined meeting place. Claire runs and hugs her dad. When Peter looks at Ted he immediately begins to feel the nuclear power crawling into his body. His hands start to glow and for a moment it seems like he’s going to go all nuclear but he gets it under control. Ted asks what’s going on and Bennet explains about Peter’s power.

Nathan is starting to have second thoughts about allowing millions of New Yorkers to die just so he can unite the people and become president. His mother is the one to get him back on track, using the nuclear holocaust on Japan as an example of a time when millions of people had to die in order to save even more lives. She explains about how she knows a lot more about what’s going on than he realizes.

DL asks Jessica where Micah is. She casually explains to him that Linderman took him. DL is angry that Jessica let it happen. She explains that she told Linderman no but she doesn’t seem all that worried about her son’s well being. He says he’s going to find him and storms out. Niki, still stuck in the mirror, begs Jessica to go after DL and help him, believing if he goes on his own, he’ll be killed. The two go to Linderman’s vault and find that he’s got files full of information on all of them.

Micah is playing video games in a posh suite of rooms. He looks over at who he thinks is his mother and she says she’s going to take a shower. When she leaves, he runs out of the room, down the hall and opens a door only to find himself back in the suite. He runs out again but it keeps happening. When his mother comes back into the room, its Candice and he realizes she was never his mother to begin with. She explains to him that the room trick is part of her power and that she can make people see whatever she wants them to see. She threatens him, saying that if he tries to escape she’ll make him see things that will mess him up permanently.

Finally, Mohinder is on a quest to redeem himself after he accidentally lead Sylar to some of the heroes, costing them their lives. He meets with Thompson and tells him that he knows they need him because he has all of his father’s data. Thompson turns it around on him, calling him out for aiding Sylar. He brings Mohinder to a place where they’re holding Molly, the little girl we saw at the beginning of the season. Back then she was hiding from the boogie man (Sylar) who killed her parents when Matt heard her thoughts and found her. Now Linderman’s people have her and she’s dying. It turns out she has whatever sickness killed Mohinder’s sister.

Mohinder meets with her and the two hit it off right away. She reveals to him that her power is the ability to find people, Cerebro-like. She can’t do it now though and Mohinder gets to work in trying to find a cure for her. He finally realizes that the cure her father found was him. When his sister was sick, his parents had another child, hoping the child would have whatever antibodies were necessary to cure their daughter. Mohinder was born too late to save his sister but its not too late to save Molly. He uses his own blood to cure her.

And that about covers it. The whole episode seemed like a lot of build-up to what I hope will be a phenomenal season finale. What did you think of the episode? Do you think Hiro will be able to kill Sylar? Will Claire be forced to shoot Peter to keep him from exploding? What roles to Micah and Molly have to play in all of this? Post a comment below or check out our Heroes Forum!

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