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TV Recap: Las Vegas – My Uncle’s a Gas

Holy crap! This episode is crazy-making. It begins with Danny sleeping in his office, trying to catch up on work. But the stress is causing some horrible nightmares. First, the casino is cash-broke, and a lynch mob comes after him. Then Delinda has the baby, and when Coop delivers it, it looks just like Mike! That’s harsh. But nowhere near as harsh as what’s in store for these people. Danny should have listened to Mike, who says the nightmares are a harbinger of bad things to come.

When the fire inspector – an old friend of Danny’s – shows up, he monopolizes Danny’s time with all his crap. Apparently, Coop’s “Anything Can Happen” campaign violated a slew of codes.

In a contest to win a shiny red truck, several people are keeping their hands on it, and the last one to let go wins. Don’t worry, though. They get hourly bathroom breaks. Good to know. Especially when one of the contestants turns out to be twins taking turns. Coop figures this out, while looking like the cat who swallowed the gold-plated canary.

One of the contestants – a hayseed from Texas – is making Sam’s life miserable. So she dumps a chocolate milkshake over his head. Turns out his dad has been running Coop’s ranch for years. Coop calls Sam into his office and reminds her that people should be treated with respect, regardless of their bank account. Then he fires her! Tells her to get out, security will get her things.

Meanwhile, Mike gets suspicious about a laundry truck that’s been parked in the service area all day. He goes to check it out and, yipes, there are mean guys with big guns inside the back of the truck. Wait, is that…yep, it’s Danny’s fire inspector friend running the deal with the bad guys, who are now doing something in the ventilation room. Not good. Not good at all.

Delinda, ticked at Danny for blowing off their prenatal class, buddies up to his long-lost uncle, Luke. He’s Danny’s mom’s little brother, a loser who screwed up big-time 25 years ago. In fact, he walked out on Danny’s mom when she was sick and didn’t go to the funeral. But he begs for Danny’s forgiveness. Says he’s not drinking anymore and wants to be a family. Delinda wants that, too. “In case you haven’t noticed, we don’t have a whole lot of family,” she tells Danny.

Danny gives in and invites Luke to dinner. But just then, the bad guys release some gas (lethal? who knows?) and people start dropping like flies. The bad guys enter the casino wearing gas masks and toting assault gear, but Danny manages to rip a guy’s sleeve off, revealing a tattoo.

As Danny passes out, Mike watches in horror from the security room, while Sam wanders in a daze down the strip outside after being fired and Delinda calmly sets the table for dinner.

To be continued…?! Really?! I have to wait a whole week to find out if Danny’s alive?!