TV Recap: Project Runway - Eye Candy

Last Time:

Jack left, Chris came back and poor Steve’s “French maid at a funeral” dress got him eliminated.

Gotham apartments:

Kevin gets this week’s gratuitous shirtless shot, followed by him staring contemplatively out of the window while sipping a warm, comforting hot beverage. It’s very “General Foods International Coffee.” “Jean Luc!” Meanwhile, over in the girls’ apartment, Kit points out that it’s challenge 6 and they’re halfway there. Halfway through and no major fights? What kind of reality show is this? Somebody’s sewing machine should have been sabotaged by now.

Model Exchange:

Nothing interesting happens, except that since the models weren’t used in the last challenge, two are getting eliminated. Ashley and Christina are out. They don’t look familiar to me in the slightest. Instead of going to the design room for Tim to give them their challenge, Heidi tells the designers that they’re going to have a very early day tomorrow. It’s the field trip challenge! She sends them home to rest up.

The next morning, Tim comes to get them when it’s still dark outside. Proving that this season is so much tamer/more boring than seasons past, the designers end up in Times Square instead of a recycling plant as in a previous season. Tim stops them in the middle of the street and points to where they’re going. Elisa gets really excited when she finds out they’re going to the Hershey store. I don’t really know what she’s talking about (it is Elisa, after all) but she uses the word “magic” a lot. The reactions to the Hershey store in general were pretty hilarious and combined make up my…

Favorite Moments of the Episode:

After Elisa’s exciting babbling, they cut directly to Christian dryly interviewing, “I was like, ‘great, we get to make shit out of candy,’” which would be my exact reaction were I in his situation. After that, they cut to Victorya’s face in the store and she looks like she’s about ready to cut someone. Michelle Gloeckler, the Hershey’s lady, is introducing the store, saying it is the sweetest place in New York. Victorya’s look is saying, “oh really, bitch?” Chris looks like he’s wondering if Ms. Gloeckler made of chocolate and whether or not he should risk walking over there and taking a bite out of her head like she’s an Easter bunny. He apparently decides against it.


The actual challenge is pretty much what you expect it to be: make an outfit using materials from the Hershey store. Tim tells them that there is no budget, but instead they have five minutes to grab everything they need. They only have until today at midnight to finish their designs. Jillian seems to be wearing Robin William’s suspenders from when he was on Mork & Mindy. This has nothing to do with the challenge; I just thought I should point it out. If you’re going to go on national television dressed as a coked-up space alien, it should not go unmentioned. That’s just kind of a code I live by.


Santino’s Saturn ad looks like an SNL sketch, but I can’t figure out if Seth Myers or Andy Samberg would play him. Or maybe a Muppet.


Jillian is going to make a bodice out of Twizzlers. She’s the only one who chooses to make an outfit out of actual candy. Chris interviews that making clothing out of food is a bad idea, and just in case you don’t get it, he repeats it about five more times throughout the episode. Meanwhile, Sweet P is killing bears and Chris is making a dress out of Hershey pillow cases.

So, apropos of absolutely nothing, Elisa interviews that she was in London designing a t-shirt line when she got hit by a Porsche as she was walking on the street. Jesus. She was in a coma for 5 days. This does not bode well for her chances on this episode, as one of the cardinal reality TV rules is if you’re featured heavily in an episode and you talk about disease, conflict, abuse, or any other type of disadvantage, you’re probably going to be eliminated.

Rami is making a batty dress and Tim says it looks like something Jillian would wear. Heh. Zing (and totally true). He’s talks to Elisa and tells her that he’s worried about her dress. I am too. It’s pretty hideous. Jillian is really far behind, but her bodice, which is made up of Twizzlers, looks cool. He tells Sweet P her skirt looks like a maxi pad. Tim is just full of the catty comments tonight. I kind of love it.


Heidi comes on stage and tells the designers that Hershey is auctioning off outfits to the Young Survivor Association. Zac Posen is the guest judge.

Ricky has a silver bodice with Hershey wrapper bubble skirt. The bubble skirt is very bubbly, but the whole thing has a great fit and looks very well-made.

Chris’ outfit isn’t costumey in the least, which is really nice to see. It’s a mini dress made up of woven Hershey and Twizzler wrappers. If you look at it from far away, the pattern just looks like geometric shapes and not candy wrappers. It’s really fun and pretty hot. As much as I love Chris, I wasn’t sure he had it in him.

Kit’s dress is just a little too much for me. It’s Kit Kat tube top and Hershey prairie skirt. It’s kind of stupid and looks like little more than an “inventive” magazine ad for Hershey.

Elisa’s dress is ridiculous, but not ridiculous in an Elisa sort of way. It’s ridiculous in a “summer camp craft project” kind of way. It’s made out of the Hershey pillowcases and has two silver arm things that look like Hershey Kiss water wings.

Kevin made a very nice silver bodice with brown skirt and brown bolero jacket. It doesn’t look like it was made out of Hershey materials at all. It’s gorgeous, but I’m worried that the judges won’t think it’s inventive enough.

Christian’s dress looks hot. It’s made entirely of the paper wrappers on Reese’s cups and he finished it in like, 5 minutes. It’s pretty impressive and I kind of hate him for it.

Sweet P made a cute white skirt with silver bodice, but it looks very plain. The adorable Hershey Kiss purse kind of saves it for me, though.

Rami’s dress is batty and space alieny, but well-made. It’s intricately designed and tailored. The bodice is made out of Twizzler packaging and the skirt is made up of York Peppermint Patty wrappers.

Jillian’s Twizzler bodice is gorgeous and the skirt is fun and flowy. Surprisingly, it doesn’t fall apart. The judges are going to love it. She took a major risk and it paid off.

Victorya’s dress makes her model look like a slutty maid from outer space.


Heidi calls four names: Ricky, Christian, Kit and Kevin. They’re in. That leaves Rami, Elisa, Jillian, Victorya, Chris and Sweet P with the highest and lowest scores.

Michael Kors says it could have turned out silly, but Rami has great construction and his dress fits his model amazingly. Kors says Elisa’s lost the joy of candy, which just sounds like the beginning of a sad fairy tale. They love Jillian’s outfit and admire her ingenuity. Victorya says she would wear her dress, and Michael Kors calls bullshit. Which, seriously. Nobody is wearing that. Heidi says it looks like Dairy Queen. I think she’s thinking more “milkmaid” than “Dairy Queen,” because those people wear polos and polyester pants. I love Chris’s dress and the judges agree. Heidi thinks Sweet P’s is dress boring. Nina thinks it looked easy to make and very “thrown together.”

After deliberations, the designers come back out. Chris is in. Rami wins and has immunity. Jillian is in. I figured that the winner would be either Rami or Jillian, but I was hoping for Chris. He definitely deserves some sort of “most improved” prize. Victorya is in. The final two are Sweet P and Elisa. Sweet P is in, which means Elisa is out. It’s a fact: Coma + shower caps on your arms = elimination. Aw, she’s batty but I’ll kind of miss her.

Next week:

Creating memories. Ricky cries...again. I knew there was something missing from this episode.