TV Recap: Psych - Disco Didn't Die. It Was Murdered!

How could Henry, the penultimate cop, ever not get the right bad guy? In this week’s Psych, his biggest bust was just overturned on a technicality and Shawn and Gus are given the case to find the real culprit. Not hooked? What if I told you Shawn, Gus, and Henry spend most of the episode in seventies garb and Gus falls in love with a crazy green 70’s car? Thought so.

In Henry’s days as a cop, he put away Franks for planning to blow up the Santa Barbara Police Department. Only now, all the evidence is called into question because his search warrant wasn’t up to par. Shawn and Gus get the case and are given strict orders not to let Henry anywhere near the investigation. Luckily, Henry is uber-stubborn and comes on board anyway. Luckily because when the three of them are together, it’s too funny. So they get a clue about a car from a pawn ticket that was found when Franks was arrested. Following the pawn ticket, they end up in a time warp where all the walls have crazy disco clothes. Oh yeah, they also find out about a car that Franks pawned. In order to try and disguise themselves, they buy some fine 70’s wear from the pawn shop and cab it over to the junkyard where the car is.

Of course, the guy won’t let them in the car without them buying it. Henry has $50 and Gus whips out $400 from his sock. Uh huh, it’s his “just in case” money. Seriously. They buy the car and find a roll of undeveloped film in a hidden compartment in the trunk. On this roll of film…da, da ,da!!!!! A picture of Franks and two other people carrying guns and standing in front of a sign that says “SAG.” Turns out all three were part of Students Against Government. Of course now, the other two are upstanding citizens who lead a normal life.

Shawn, Gus, and Henry figure out they all met while at UCSB and find the professor they all had in common. When they get there, though…da,da,da!!! He’s dead. Okay, I’ll stop. But he is dead and now they go to warn the other two members of SAG that Franks is on their trail. And they aren’t wrong. Franks is caught in the couple’s backyard and is being taken away. Then he says that the two called him so they could set the record straight about how they framed him all those years ago. But they aren’t admitting to anything. Did I mention the cops found a bomb under the couple’s house?

Everyone’s standing around and Shawn does his super-observant thing and suddenly believes Frank didn’t set the bomb, now or then. So he does the only logical thing, he starts the timer on the bomb. Because, of course, this would force the person who made the bomb to turn it off. And since he’s a genius, it works and the couple diffuses the bomb. Franks is free and Henry’s case is closed. So nice how it all wraps up.

I’m not even going to mention Lassie and Jules off chasing their own glory cases because they barely were there to watch. Can I just say….I love Henry working with Shawn and Gus but I miss Lassie and Jules. And whatever happened to the whole talking kiss thing from last season? Or Rachel Leigh Cook as Shawn’s high school love? Seriously?