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One of the biggest down sides of the writers strike for me was going months without new episodes of The Office. Fortunately the strike is over and in a month the series will be back on the air with all new episodes. So to prepare myself for the return of what’s easily one of the funniest shows on television, I thought the time might be right for an Office rewatch. Between now and April, (thanks to Hulu) we’ll be posting the first eight episodes of the fourth season for anyone who feels like they need an Office season 4 refresher course!

In this episode, titled “Local Ad” Michael is given the task of coming up with a creative ending for the local version of corporate’s new TV commercial. Rather than just settling on having the Dunder-Mifflin Scranton gang standing outside waving, as was done in another local branch’s ad, Michael decides to rally the staff together to come up with their own original commercial. While he’s busy doing that, Jim gets hooked on spying on Dwight’s Second Life and Andy spends the day bragging about “necking” with Angela and trying to remember the end of the Kit Kat jingle.

Here’s the full episode:

New episodes of The Office will begin airing Thursday, April 10th