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Taylor Kitsch Confirms Role In True Detective Season 2

For months, numerous names were tossed out related to next season's True Detective cast. In September, Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn were officially confirmed for Season 2 of HBO’s acclaimed series and today, Taylor Kitsch also says he will play a lead in True Detective Season 2.

Taylor Kitsch was listed early on as a potential for a lead role in the series, along with Farrell and Vaughn. After the latter names were confirmed for the new season, it stood to reason that Kitsch was probably also joining the show, too. It’s hearsay until someone gives confirmation, and on Monday Taylor Kitsch told Adweek that he will be in True Detective. It will be his first acting gig in over a year.

“Having this meeting with Nic Pizzolatto, it kind of brought me back to when I was here in New York and why I wanted to be a actor, why you struggle and why you don’t quit. And when we’re talking, I mean he’s obviously incredibly smart and passionate, so that rubs off. And you’re just excited to go now. I can’t fucking wait to hit camera. So I’m excited. I loved that first season of it so much. It’s just unlike anything I’ve seen in, you know, I don’t know when. And it was so grounded. It could really happen. This is very similar, and I love that.”

True Detective Season 2 will focus on three detectives and a career criminal whose paths cross after a big murder. Farrell has agreed to play a corrupt cop in the series with mob connections and Vaughn will play a career criminal trying to work his way into legitimate business. Since Vaughn’s already signed on to play criminal Frank Semyon, it stands to reason that Kitsch will be one of the other cops in the series.

Reportedly, Season 2 will also feature a female lead, and while Elizabeth Moss and Rachel McAdams were rumored early on to have the gig, as many as 10 women have actually been considered for the role. Obviously, there should be other non-lead females in the series, which may account for some of the confusion, or perhaps it just took HBO a longer time to figure out who would be a perfect fit for the part.

Regardless, with three of the four leads cast, True Detective is really getting going. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming season so far. In addition, we'll let you know as soon as HBO confirms Kitsch’s role, as well as gives us a Season 2 premiere date.

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