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Terry Crews Plays His Own Wife In This Hilariously Bizarre Commercial

Old Spice commercials have gotten so amazingly funny and bonkers over the years that the company would be well within its rights to host its own in-house Clio Awards. Their newest one is quite possibly their most WTF output yet and is already in line to be the best commercial of 2015. In Terry Crews we trust.

This is one of those rare commercials – though much like other Old Spice ads – where every single second is amusing and/or baffling. It starts with a guy talking about how great it was to grow his beard, and then Crews immediately shows up and demands for it to be cut off, only to realize that Crews is the man beneath the beard. One paradox and two explosions later – three if you count the front door inexplicably blowing up – Crews wakes up in bed, shirtless, next to his wife…who is also played by Terry Crews! Such a sight causes Original Terry Crews to shave himself out of existence, as Wife Terry Crews chalks it all up to “Men.” Fabulous.

While some might think of Tyler Perry’s Madea or Eddie Murphy’s Klump family, Crews in drag reminds me of Jamie Foxx’s Wanda from In Living Color. I’m pretty sure he could crush me with these curlers.


Called “Nightmare Face,” the ad is for Old Spice’s electric shaver, and comes a little over a week before the commercial heaven that is the Super Bowl (opens in new tab). I’m completely down for seeing this ad as much as possible on my TV, but now that it’s here so early, I’m hopeful that Old Spice’s marketing team has got more cooked up for the February 1 football bonanza. Let’s get Terry Crews and that robot guy out on the town together.

This is far from the first time the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has faultlessly yelled things for Old Spice products, and it’s not even the first time he’s played multiple characters for an electric shaver commercial. Check out the explosion-light battle between Man and Follicle below.

If I’m wishing for more Super Bowl commercials, I might as well throw in a wish that Old Spice gets on board as a sponsor for the upcoming Marvel/Netflix series Luke Cage, and that they bring Terry Crews and former pitchman Isaiah Mustafa in for supporting roles or guest appearances, since both actors showed interest in playing Cage. (Look no further than this video.) Old Spice probably wouldn’t need to be involved, but come on. Explosions and hollering is the Marvel way.

Nick Venable
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