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As we all know, superheroes are in right now. We can't seem to go ten minutes without hearing about yet another property getting optioned and put on the fast track to the big screen. This time around though, DC is going a different route, bringing a superhero series into your home and onto your TVs.

The comic book giant has started running tests for Blue Beetle, according to the DCU Blog. The character has been around since 1939 and has gone through many iterations, but the show will focus on the most recent version about a teenager names Jamie Reyes. Reyes finds what he thinks is just a rare scarab, but wakes up one morning having had the bug fused with his spine thus making him the next Blue Beetle. Those huge comic nerds out there will recognize him from the Infinite Crisis saga from back in '05-'06.

Head honchos at DC will be bringing a short clip to Comic Con where they're hoping to create some excitement for the series not only from the fans, but presumably also from some investors. Being on television, the series won't be brimming with spare dollars to get it looking like Iron Man, but as far as this sort of show goes, these test images don't look too bad as a start. As far as we can tell, the transition from human to Blue Beetle might be taking a page out of the old Power Rangers book of tricks, but a little cheese is to be expected from television effects. Hell, even Lost's smoke monster looked weak, and they had six seasons to perfect it.

Are there and Blue Beetle comic fans out there that are excited for this? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of these images.

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