The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Lists Week 2 Guests, Get The App That'll 'Blow Your Mind'

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Are you ready for The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon? The newest edition of the long-running late night talk show series premieres tonight and in anticipation of the event, we have the above promotional image, which has Fallon reading all about himself, and the updated list of guests, which includes next week's line-up. Denzel Washington, Reese Witherspoon, Drew Barrymore and Mike Tyson are lined up for Week 2. Also among the updates is a video from Fallon talking about what fans can expect from The Talk Show and why you should get yourself set up with the Tonight Show app, which Fallon promises will blow your mind and change the way you watch television.

First, the listings. Here's the line-up of guests for the next two weeks. (This line-up is subject to change):

Monday, Feb. 17: Guests include Will Smith and musical guest U2.Tuesday, Feb. 18: Guests include Jerry Seinfeld, Kristen Wiig and musical guest Lady Gaga.Wednesday, Feb. 19: Guests include Bradley Cooper and musical guest Tim McGraw.Thursday, Feb. 20: Guests include First Lady Michelle Obama, Will Ferrell and musical guest Arcade Fire.Friday, Feb. 21: Guests include Justin Timberlake.Monday, Feb. 24: Guests include Reese Witherspoon, Fred Armisen and musical guest Rick Ross with The Roots.Tuesday, Feb. 25: Guests include Paul Rudd and Shaquille O'Neal.Wednesday, Feb. 26: Guests include Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler (appearing together) and musical guest Dierks Bentley.Thursday, Feb. 27: Guests include Denzel Washington and TBD.Friday, Feb. 28: Guests include Cameron Diaz and Mike Tyson.

Fallon answers some fan questions about what they can expect from The Tonight Show, mainly by comparison to Late Night...

About the app, Fallon certainly sells it well in that video and lists off some uses for it, including tweeting at celebrity guests, responding to Jimmy's Video Challenge, games and more. So check that out if you want to enjoy the more interactive side of The Tonight Show. And be sure to tune in tonight for the big premiere, which airs at midnight/11c on NBC.

Here's the previously released promo teasing the first week guests:


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