TruTV Just Shot Down A Hater On Twitter In A Hilariously Inappropriate Way

For many, the beginning of spring means longer days, warmer weather and the anticipation for summer. And for basketball fans, it also means that the NCAA’s March Madness tournament is really kicking into high gear. Understandably, the competitive spirit isn’t only felt on the court, and it can sometimes escape out into social media, as was the case here, when the truTV Twitter account took another site to task in a way that was “tru”ly hilarious. (And better than that pun.)

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You did click that link, right? You did see that there was a different kind of chart where the results somehow – and I’m thinking at least one bucketful of black magic is involved – formed the shape of someone’s hand flipping a middle finger to the initial insulter. Boy, the guys at truTV must have looked all over the place to find a chart that looked like that. What luck!

In all seriousness, a more perfect response has yet to be crafted anywhere outside of this Twitter reply. This is the kind of comeback that George Costanza was dreaming of when his delayed “jerk store” retort was formulated. This is the kind of reply that, if there was a way to put it into verbal words, would cause the victim to spontaneously combust. What, me hyperbolic?

It’s not often that a business, much less one in as much of the public eye as a TV network, shuts down a rude Twitter user with a big “Fuck you,” but truTV apparently doesn’t mind bucking the trend when it’s deemed necessary. And while it’s almost a necessity to have thick skin while maintaining a social media presence, that Pick Six Previews jab was pretty brutal and deserved an equal and opposite force coming back against it. And that came in the form of the bird. Speaking of…

When it isn’t airing basketball games and delivering thundering clapbacks on the Internet, truTV is in the midst of a programming expansion largely dedicated to comedic unscripted shows like David Spade’s Fameless, Billy on the Street and Impractical Jokers, among many others. I’m also a big fan of the network’s home video show truTV Top Funniest, and I wish someone on there could get a clip of the Pick Six Previews guy or gal reading this comment and then jumping on a trampoline where one of the springs pops off and things fall down and hilarity ensues.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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