David Spade's Hilarious New Show Just Got Picked Up, Get The Details

As long as there are TVs being watched by human beings, there will be prank shows for audiences to watch while pointing and laughing at others’ goofy misfortunes. The latest example, called Fameless, comes to us from comedian David Spade, and it has already been given a full series order by TruTV. Unless it didn’t, and this is all one big practical joke. Where are the cameras!?!

Fameless adds a much-needed twist to the concept of a prank show, which has already seen its fair share of change-ups. Each of the eight episodes will feature a contestant who thinks that he or she has been added to the cast of a reality show – which, in fact, they have been, but not in the way they’re thinking. A team of improv actors will set up different sketches that parody reality series, and the joke is on the contestant, who believes that everything is completely legit.

According to THR, the episodes will focus on sketches involving a game show host, a survivalist-type show contestant, and a home makeover expert, among others. And I’m guessing the stakes are raised as each episode goes on, putting the real contestants through some outlandish shit in order to see how far they’ll go to achieve their fame-related goals. The potential for madness is high with Fameless, and I’m into anything that makes fun of reality TV.

Spade will be on board as an executive producer, though it’s not known at this point whether he’ll actually appear on Fameless or not. (The show needs a host, right?) Electus and Entertainment One are also behind the project.

No stranger to TV, Spade went from Saturday Night Live to Just Shoot Me to 8 Simple Rules to, most recently, Rules of Engagement. He most recently released the stand-up special David Spade: My Fake Problems and appeared on an episode of The Goldbergs. His big screen career, most recently showcased in Grown Ups 2, will soon take him to the worlds of Joe Dirt 2 and Hotel Transylvania 2. Lot of sequels for Spade.

TruTV has been going crazy in building its original programming lineups, and they’ve actually already had a prank show on the air with Upload with Shaquille O’Neal. They’re also reteaming with the former NBA great for the workplace comedy called Shaq Inc.. As well, they recently acquired Billy on the Street from Fuse, so Billy Eichner has a new home to gleefully yell at people. Plus, if you don’t already have a Barmageddon drinking game, you’re doing TV wrong.

It isn’t clear when TruTV will be debuting Fameless, but we’ve already got our popcorn ready. The butter is actually fish oil though, because pranks!

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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