The latest trailer for True Blood Season 6 packs a lot into its 46 seconds. Of course, with so many characters, it's not always easy to pick apart what's happening to who and how it all ties together. That's for the premiere and what follows to sort out. From the previews we've seen so far, including the latest trailer above, all signs point toward a major throw-down between humans and vampires. And it seems likely that certain characters who fall somewhere in between those two things (Sookie, Alcide, etc) will fall somewhere between those two sides in this approaching battle.

Bill plays by a different set of rules now, and by that, I think it means he doesn't need to worry about getting a bad case of sunburn. He's a day-walking vampire, it seems, which certainly makes him more available to cause trouble, assuming that's what he has in mind. Sookie's determined not to belong to anyone. Pam looks like she's about to sink her fangs into a woman. And Jessica looks like she's lost her mind. Or maybe she's taken some kind of vampire drug. And those are just a few things glimpsed between mayhem, men with guns and other drama packed into less than a minute. But those who want to see even more can check out the other trailers and teaser.

True Blood Season 6 is set to premiere Sunday, June 16 (a week from today). HBO's making a day of the premiere, with a social media event that'll give fans a chance to learn secrets from the set and catch up with the cast members.

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