It's the beginning of the end! Or so teases the latest trailer for Season 6 of True Blood. Bill seems to be in another dimension of evil, so maybe it's the beginning of the end for him. Is there any chance that he'll ever be old-Bill again? Or is power-crazed mega-vampire Bill all that's left? That's just one of many things to ponder. What's evident from the trailers we've seen of the upcoming season of the HBO vampire drama is that the new season will be brimming with action as the humans and the vampires face off against one another.

Humans going to war against vampires isn't especially surprising, considering the Sanguinista's decision to blow up the Tru Blood factories, which would inevitably force the vampires to feed on humans, once their supply of Tru Blood runs out. But who's leading the charge against the vampires? We glimpsed Governor Burrell in the above trailer, and he was featured more prominently in the last trailer. The latest one not only shows the governor, but it also gives us a look at Jessica looking like she's up to mischief. And Andy and Jason both armed and ready for a fight. There's also roaring Alcide and a fiery explosion of a building! Who's responsible for that mess?

Check out some photos from Season 6 here. True Blood returns for Season 6 on Sunday, June 16. And you can get caught up on the first five seasons of the series via HBO Go.

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