True Blood is back! It's really, really back! And last night's fifth season premiere got the ball rolling for some new story-arcs for dead and living alike. It also (spoiler alert!) made a new vampire out of an old character. Where will the story go from here? This preview video gives us a look at what's ahead for Bon Temps in the vampire drama series' fifth season…

If you caught last night's premiere (and if you didn't, stop reading now!), then you know that Tara is a vampire. But being either at death's door or with at least one foot through it, will that affect the kind of vampire she is? The preview video for "the weeks ahead" seem to indicate a wild, out-of-control vampire Tara. And we get to see her fangs! This should make for an interesting season. We also get a glimpse at some of the newcomers who weren't quite introduced to use yet, including Christopher Meloni's character.

Talk of "Tara is in there" and Lafayette sounding regretful over Tara being brought back a vampire makes me think that the Tara we know may either be gone, or else trapped in insanity. Sookie saying she's "in there" might mean she still hears her friends thoughts? But she doesn't hear vampire thoughts does she? So maybe it's just hopeful thinking.

Other scenes revealed: Pam gets rough with Sookie, Jason sounds like he's got a grudge against vampires now, Sam and Luna might be at the start of a major rivalry against Martha the werewolf, and Bill and Eric appear to be at odds with the Authority. No surprise there, though I am a little concerned that the bulk of this season might have them in captivity and separated from everyone else. We'll have to wait and see.

True Blood airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO. Read our full breakdown of the Season 5 premiere ("Turn! Turn! Turn!") here.

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