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True Blood Season 6 Clip Shows Alcide Taking Charge

The latest glimpse at the upcoming sixth season of True Blood gives us a look at a scene that should seem very familiar to those caught up through Season 5 of HBO's vampire drama. The above video gives us a look at the filming of a scene between Alcide, Martha, Rikki, and if we're counting the wolf being passed around, little Emma. Once again, the werewolves are disagreeing.

It looks like Rikki's unhappy with Emma's arrival, but Alcide is standing up for Luna's child (and Martha's grandchild). As pack master he decides who stays and goes. Emma's a wolf, so she stays. Simple as that. Yeah, right. Nothing's quite that simple in True Blood. It seems likely that this is just a glimpse of the conflict among the werewolves. When have they ever really gotten along? The more interesting aspect of this story is seeing how Alcide handles running the pack now that he's in charge. That's one more thing to look forward to when Season 6 arrives June 16true blood at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

Alcide isn't the only one being confronted by "family," The last clip we saw showed Sookie and Jason facing off when Jason wanted to kill Nora. True Blood has always emphasized prejudices between humans and the supernatural beings in their midst. As evidenced by the two Season 6 clips, conflicts between different "kinds" are leading to confrontations within their own ranks. Judging by the way tension seems to mount in this series, we're probably only seeing the tip of the iceberg for what's ahead for True Blood in Season 6.