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True Blood Season 6 Clip Shows An Angry, Bloody Jason

If ever there was a flip-flopper when it comes to vampires in True Blood, it's Jason Stackhouse. One minute, he's indifferent toward him. The next, he vehemently against them. And then he's back to liking them. Then he's really liking them. And last we saw of him, he was pushing Jessica away because she's a vampire, believing his deceased parents want him to hate the fanged population of Bon Temps and beyond. It's almost hard to keep up, but going by the above look behind the scenes of the upcoming sixth season of the HBO vampire drama, it looks like Jason is still team anti-vampires. He's pointing a wooden-bullet-loaded gun at Nora and he looks angry (and bloody) enough to kill her. Fortunately for Nora, Sookie intervenes.

Jason's distaste for vampires could very well be the reason Anna Camp is set to return to her role as Sarah Newlin in the series, come to think of it. She wasn't particularly fond of vampires either. The above video gives us another look at the anticipated sixth season of the series, following the Season 6 teaser, which came along with the news that the sixth season was set to premiere on June 16.

This will be the first season without Alan Ball as showrunner, so it'll be interesting to see how the show functions without its creator/developer at the helm. We're past the two month point until the series returns, so we should probably expect to see more glimpses of Season 6 as the True Blood premiere looms closer.