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True Blood Season 6 Gets Its First Teaser: There's No One Left To Protect Us Now

Wedged between the announcement of True Blood's Season 6 premiere date and tonight's premiere of Game of Thrones comes this bloody, exciting new teaser for True Blood's return? Remember how things left off at the end of Season 5 (stop reading if you're not caught up!), with Bill being resurrected as that gross blood-covered vampire? Well, it looks like he's sticking around and he might not be in the best mood.

"The tyrant is rising. It is the beginning of the end."

In addition to more glimpses of creepy-Bill, we also get a look at a hatted, mustached man, the sight of Alcide tearing off his shirt (thanks for that, HBO!), Pam with laser marks on her chest, Eric and Sookie trapped in an elevator, Lafayette with a gun, and a few other exciting but vague snippets of tension and violence to whet our appetites for the vampire series' return this summer.

"There's no one left to protect us now."

As we learned late last week, True Blood's Season 6 premiere is set for June 16. That gives us plenty of time to get caught up or rewatch Season 5, which you can do via HBO Go if you have access to it, or wait for the DVD, which comes out in May (opens in new tab).

Kelly West
Kelly West

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