True Blood Season 7 Poster Has Sookie Crying Tears Of... Blood?!

Wait, is Sookie a vampire? As we head into the last season of True Blood, it's hard not to look at the new poster for Season 7 and wonder if this profile shot of Sookie Stackhouse crying a tear of blood is really just an artistic way to show her sadness, as a bloody tear would stand out much more than a regular one, and blood has always been a theme for this series. But vampires cry bloody tears. And as we said... it's the last season. Is it possible that it'll end with Sookie as a vampire?

Season 5 of True Blood actually used the blood-tears as part of its look...

Season 5

But that's not Sookie. In the case of the new poster, we're definitely seeing Sookie crying blood tears, which may be a major tease of what's to come. Or maybe that's just what we're meant to obsess over between now and June 22 when True Blood premieres.

As you'll note, we're less than a month away from the arrival of True Blood Season 7. The previously released trailer for the season revealed that bad things are coming to Bon Temps. What else is new? But from what's revealed, it sounds like the humans are at greater risk this time around. And there are a lot of bodies revealed to support that theory.

Here's a look at Sookie and some of the well-meaning people of Bon Temps from Season 7...


And EW shared some other episode photos, including this one of Tara looking deliciously ferocious.

Tara fangs

Those looking to get caught up on some of the earlier seasons of True Blood can find them streaming on Amazon Prime, and of course, HBO Go.

True Blood Season 7 premieres Sunday, June 22 at 9:00 p.m. on HBO. Check out the full Summer 2014 premiere schedule here.

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