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USA Responds To The Onion's Video With A Funny Graphic For Beach Law

The Onion's video poking fun at USA's sun-soaked line-up of original programming did not go ignored by the cable TV network. The Onion ran a parody news broadcast of USA's announcement of their renewal of "all 90 of its current shows," including "Burn Collar" and "Covert Notice," and other original series featuring "beautiful experts pretending to be something they're not in dazzling locations." The fake announcement, which takes a jab at USA's preference for finding the lighter side of crime investigations and other otherwise serious subjects, also included word that USA is now "closer than ever to removing all intros, credits and commercials and combining all of their shows into one colorful, harmless procedural called Beach Law.

Whether or not you're a fan of USA series, if you're at all familiar with their programming, particularly during the summer, it's easy to see the humor in The Onion's video, and USA didn't brush it off. In fact, they took The Onion's joke one step further by posting this image, which does just what The Onion claims they're close to doing. It combines many of their characters in colorful, beachy scene under the words Beach Law.

Beach Law

Onions won’t make us cry. Trusted news source The Scallion confirms it: Beach Law, to be added to USA Network’s summer line-up. It’ll be a splash! Comedy Welcome.

USA's image borrows The Onion's clever tagline for the series, "Some Trials are a Shore Thing." Genius. And the characters look like they're having a heck of a lot of fun in the sun there. If Beach Law involves people pretending to be something they aren't and doing it in a dazzling location - maybe something as nice as the Real World-like beach house featured in one of their newest series, Graceland - I'm on board. It's great to see that USA is willing to have fun with the parody. I also love that the image credits "The Scallion." Nice touch.

Speaking of Graceland and beach-set USA series about people pretending to be something they're not, for that matter, here's the preview for tomorrow night's episode, titled "Pizza Box."

Graceland premieres Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. ET On USA.

And this isn't the only USA news we've heard today. Earlier today we shared word that USA would be bringing Psych Back to Comic Con. Not only will the series be featured in a panel moderated by Cary Elwes at the convention next month, but they're also screening Psych: The Musical for fans who are there on Wednesday night and don't want to wait until December to see it when it airs on television. USA also announced that they've ordered two more episodes of Psych and they're giving fans the opportunity to weigh in on which of the three potential mysteries they want to see solved. More on that here.

Kelly West
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