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In a new spin on the slew of reality shows surrounding the wives of anyone even remotely interesting, VH1 has ordered an unscripted series that focuses on women who aren’t wives anymore, at least not to these famous guys. Hollywood Exes will follow the lives of ex-wives of famous men from Will Smith to Jose Canseco.

According to The Hollywood Reporter VH1 has ordered ten episodes of the series to air this summer. The women slated to appear on the series are the former wives of men running the gamut from A-list actors to a former MLB All-Star. Viewers will meet the ex-wives of Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, Prince, R. Kelly, and Jose Canseco.

The series is aimed to show what happens in the lives of the ex-wives of rich and famous men who are “stepping out of the long shadows cast by their famous husbands and supporting each other as they define the next stage of their lives”, according to VH1 executive vice-president of original programming and production.

The women on the show aren’t being thrown together for the sake of drama; apparently they have all been friends for many years, so the series will be a look into the real friendships of women with one major thing in common. How interesting are the lives of famous divorcees? VH1 has to be banking on enough curiosity about the aftermath of a Hollywood divorce to bring in the viewers. They also have to be hoping it’s enough of a twist on the “real wives” trend to be interesting and pull in viewers who frankly have to be getting a little jaded.

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