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Spoilers for The Walking Dead are below.

Last week’s midseason premiere of The Walking Dead laid out one intense moment after another, leaving literally tons of bodies on the ground. And now stop me if you’ve heard this one before: The Walking Dead is going to do something shocking and crazy on its next episode, too. Insanity! But unlike many of the horror drama’s most iconic scenes, this one probably won’t involve horrible deaths. Unless it does, of course.

We know that the upcoming episode, called “The Next World,” will be one in which Rick and Daryl head out on a little mini-mission together. But Andrew Lincoln referred to the episode as “lighthearted,” so I can’t imagine that anyone important would be biting a bullet here. Some walkers, sure, but no one in the principal cast. So what else could it be?

According to EW, it’ll be the episode’s biggest moment, and it’s one that is presumed to be so shocking that not even comic book fans will be able to see it coming. As one of those fans, I like to think that nothing on The Walking Dead has really shocked me – though LIzzie and Mikaknow that I’d be lying if I really claimed that – and I can’t wait to see if the episode indeed stands up to that bold assertion.

The big moment could definitely happen during Rick and Daryl’s excursion. The teaser hint also says that a familiar face from the comics will be introduced in the episode, so that’s actually more likely what we can expect from the testosterone-laden duo. (My money is on Jesus there, but it’s just money from The Walking Dead version of Monopoly, so it’s okay if I’m wrong.) Is there room for another shock in this arc if they meet someone new? Could it have something to do with Daryl facing repercussions for blowing up all those Saviors last week?

Of course, there are many other characters on this show that could use some shocking moments. The episode will take place after a fairly short time jump, so we’ll possibly have Carl sorta back to normal, as well as everyone else who went through major turmoil in the premiere. Perhaps Abraham and Sasha will get it on, or maybe two other characters will take a raunchy hiatus from group life. Maybe Morgan will accidentally kill a live person and his whole outlook on life will change. What if Maggie and Glenn find a still-usable ultrasound machine and they discover she’s having twins? Not a lot of faith in the latter, but still.

Discover what shocks and twists await us when The Walking Dead airs on AMC on Sunday night.