The Walking Dead Just Introduced A New Mysterious Threat

Spoilers below for The Walking Dead’s latest episode.

To be expected, tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead diverted viewers from the big picture and kept things tightly wound around a Daryl adventure and a side trip for Abraham and Sasha. The latter was nice and all and had its moments – Abraham’s “Cause loose ends make my ass itch,” was easily the biggest laugh of the night – but Daryl’s arc introduced the world to a new batch of Walking Dead characters. And although we’re not quite sure specifically who all of them are, we’re pretty damned sure some of them are The Saviors.

We thought that might have been the case before, but that’s because we assumed that the people who took Daryl temporarily hostage were themselves a part of Negan’s deadly squad, based largely on the fact that the guy’s name was Dwight, someone that comic fans are quite familiar with. (And we also got to hear him call one of the women Sher, and Comic Dwight was married to Sherry, so that strengthened things, even though it didn’t appear that the two were romantically involved.) It turns out they’re actually on the run from the unnamed threat, although they lived with them since the beginning, according to Dwight.

Audiences didn’t get a real good take on the community that Dwight came from, though there were quite a few clues. He called it “a truly unique kind of shitshow,” and kept talking about the “rules” and having to “kneel.” He also steals Daryl’s crossbow once again, so I’m not exactly sure I trust anything he says anyway, but still. They’re gonna be sorry. Daryl made it clear to let them know that.

In any case, some of that shitshow's citizens did show up to try and track Dwight, Sher and Honey down, and we know that their names are Wade and Cam. Wade, whose legs we got to see a lot of, seemed like the leader, while Cam was the complete moron who got tricked into being bitten by a completely stationary walker. Cam ended up losing an arm, because what a dope. Wade said something about "he only wants ass that's willing," which seems to be a reference to Negan and his many wives.

Oddly, these new threats just kind of left everyone alone without actually tracking Daryl & Co. down. But that doesn't mean that they were all safe. Sher ended up getting bitten by some walkers in a burned down house, while Daryl got his crossbow and motorcycle stolen by Dwight and Honey. Thankfully, he finds a truck and picks up the cigar-smoking Abraham and Sasha and everyone lived happily ever after. Wait, no, that's not right.

The Walking Dead airs every Sunday night on AMC, and hopefully we'll get more of these possible-Saviors next week.

Nick Venable
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