The Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan Addresses The Audio During Negan's Big Cliffhanger

The Walking Dead finale has been the most controversial and talked about finale since Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow debacle. TWD saw comic book villain Negan taking his signature weapon Lucille down upon one of the main characters. Unfortunately for us, that moment was shot in first-person, putting us in the victim’s shoes as the bat came crashing down upon their skull. This moment has sparked a ton of conversation and theories regarding which survivor met their maker at the hands of Lucille. Recently, fans have attempted to decipher the various screams and yells heard in the blackout to figure out who died.

Lauren Cohan, who plays the precariously pregnant Maggie Greene, recently opened up regarding how that audio was recorded in an attempt to end any rumors.

Here’s a good piece of intel. We shot the scene, and then individually went into a [sound] booth privately to record audio, so I don’t know. Nobody knows what anybody else said.

This comment by Lauren Cohan, which comes to us from Huffington Post, seems to echo the statements of fellow actors and producers. Namely, that nobody knows who Negan killed.

Season 6’s finale episode, titled “Last Day on Earth” has certainly been the cause of contention and dissension among Walking Dead fans. While a cliffhanger isn’t a tool unique to the AMC drama, this particularly cliffhanger is rather problematic. Mostly because most of us already knew what was coming.

It has been teased for months that Negan’s entrance was going to be a bloody one. As soon as Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast as the villain, we were waiting for he and Lucille to take someone out. After all, this is exactly what happened in the comic books: Negan enters and shockingly kills one of the main characters. Additionally, the cast and crew all teased us with a disturbing and dark finale where, obviously, one of our own was going down. So when the moment finally happened, it was a huge let down to not know which member of the group had been killed. Cliffhangers are more effective when they’re actually a surprise.

Adding fuel to the fire, all of the actors, besides Norman Reedus, have maintained that they have no idea who died in the finale. This seems a bit far-fetched. These actors have homes in the Atlanta area where The Walking Dead films. The concept that the actor who was killed off hasn’t been informed so that they might logistically work out their living situation and start auditioning for new projects seems pretty out of control.

Regardless of what is public knowledge, Walking Dead fans will likely continue to debate which character did or did not die in “Last Day on Earth”. Check out one fan’s dissection of the audio below, claiming that it was Glenn Rhee who met his maker.

Of course, we’ll just have to wait until The Walking Dead returns for Season 7 to find out which one of our group will no longer be kicking zombie ass.

In the meantime, spinoff and prequel series Fear The Walking Dead currently airs Sundays on AMC.

Corey Chichizola
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