The Walking Dead Preview: Season 2 Returns In February With Nebraska

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead is the last new episode we’ll see this year. The series is now on hiatus until February, which by comparison to last year’s post-fall hiatus isn’t really so bad. If you aren’t caught up with the series and didn’t see last night’s episode, read no further! If you did and want a peek at what’s ahead when the series resumes next year, read on!

The biggest moment of last night’s episode, and arguably, the season, came when we saw the final walker leave the barn. Little Sophia, who’s been missing all season, came staggering out of the barn, looking a bit fresher than the other zombies, though equally dead. So that ends that. Sophia is dead and once again, Rick had to shoot a child. Being the one to gun down walker-Sophia showed Rick’s true leadership, I think.

The situation isn’t over, as you’ll see in the video below. Things appear to be as divided as ever. After the video, I’ll share something we learned on Talking Dead last night that seems relevant to the conversation below but may be considered a spoiler, so read on with that in mind! You can also read Nick's thoughts on last night's episode here.

Robert Kirkman appeared on the AMC Walking Dead talk show Talking Dead last night and he confirmed that it was Otis who put Sophia in the barn. He references the conversation Hershel had with Rick at the stream, when he explained that it was once Otis’ job to shepherd the walkers into the barn. Now, that doesn’t necessarily confirm that Hershel didn’t know Sophia was in there, but it seems like that’s a good possibility. Not that it lets Hershel off the hook for his delusional views on walkers or anything, but Shane's anger may be misdirected here. If anything, he should be mad at himself, considering the conversation about Sophia being in the barn is probably more likely to have come up had Otis not been eaten.

We have months to wait to see where things go from here! The Walking Dead returns February 12, 2012.

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