The Walking Dead's Rick And Michonne May Soon Get Romantic

On The Walking Dead, the two biggest concerns are life and death, with other assorted feelings and emotions like hunger entering into things when appropriate. When it comes to love, the show generally shoots for grave reactions, but it looks like Rick and Michonne could be headed for heart-shaped pastures in the future. I’m already itching for a steamy bathroom scene where she shaves him with her sword. That’s not a spoiler, but there are comic and TV spoilers below.

Fans have been waiting for sparks to fly between Rick and Michonne for a while now, with his craziness a proper contrast for her centeredness, and executive producer Gale Anne Hurd admitted the two will find love, sorta. This is how she put it to Vulture.

You’re gonna see something very interesting develop between them. Very interesting, and incredibly unexpected. You’ll see a certain kind of love.

In true Walking Dead exec fashion, Hurd’s words could be taken a million different ways. (Why doesn’t the publishing company Hurd’s Words exist?) In my mind, things have been developing between them for a long time now. They both have strong personalities that have been carved out after the tragic deaths of loved ones, and Michonne is the only character whom Carl has formed a legit bond with. (Other than all the walkers he attracts.)

At this point in the comic storyline, the group finds a more permanent refuge in Alexandria, and one has to assume the series will hit upon something similar, with the usual variety of change-ups. If the group gets to set up shop in a neighborhood with houses, that’s an easy way to have Rick and Michonne paired together in a way that resembles modern relationships. I don’t think showrunner Scott Gimple or his writers would force that kind of thing into the group’s nomadic lifestyle. But then almost any moment between the two could imply a secret affair if you’re looking hard enough.


I had to summon up all the discipline I had not to do a little erotic Photoshopping to the sword handle poking up behind her back.

Anyway, comic fans also know that Rick eventually found love again with Andrea, and that definitely isn’t happening in the series. Michonne has been the character speculated to take Andrea’s place in the live action universe. I’m not a person who generally likes seeing romance shoehorned into a series just to spice things up, but my mind is aflutter with the awkwardness that could ensue with Rick Grimes: Dating Man.

We’ll probably be waiting a few more weeks to see any bigger developments with this certain kind of love, as the death in the midseason finale won’t be inspiring any morose mourning sex between Rick and Michonne. Although that’s probably just the kind of thing that Daryl would watch from up in a tree.

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