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The Walking Dead Season 6 Has Cast Another Key Comic Character

Possible Season 6 spoilers below, in reference to the comic storyline.

As The Walking Dead further explores the Alexandria Safe Zone and the areas surrounding it, audiences will get to meet several new characters in Season 6. While some of these newcomers will be exclusive to the TV show, others will come straight from the pages of the comic book. And now we know that we’ll be getting to meet up with the comic character Scott, who will be played by the relatively unknown actor Kenric Green.

While you might not recognize Kenric Green’s name or his face just yet, you definitely know his wife Sonequa Martin-Green, as she plays the troubled Sasha Williams on The Walking Dead. Here’s a shot of the two of them, as seen on her Twitter page.

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In the comics, Scott is a supply runner, picked because he’s quick, smart and knows his way around the area. As well, he’s best friends with Heath, who will be played by Corey Hawkins in the show. The news of Green’s casting was delivered by Scott Gimple on Talking Dead after the Fear the Walking Dead premiere, but if you don’t remember hearing it, that’s because it was part of a bonus scene. All Gimple really had to say about Scott was that it was “cool to see another character from the book come alive,” and we’re pretty sure we know why he was being cagey on describing him. Those previously mentioned spoilers are coming after the image of Scott and Heath below.


When we meet Scott in the comic, he’s already on a supply run with Heath, and his leg is broken after he jumped off of a roof. He doesn’t really have a strong story arc by himself, as he’s mostly stuck on a bed back in Alexandria, trying to heal, but his injury takes a toll on the mental state of Heath, who blames himself for his friend’s injury. Scott being sidelined is also how Glenn gets to start teaming up with Heath on outings, something that we saw happening in the first Season 6 trailer. I certainly hope that his TV counterpart has a better life than his comic one, as Scott does not meet the kindest of fates on the page, though it’s not what you might expect.

With other new characters like Merritt Wever’s Denise and Ethan Embry’s Carter, The Walking Dead Season 6 will premiere on Sunday, October 11.

Nick Venable
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