The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer Is Intense And Thrilling

The Walking Dead fans were treated to their first good look at Season 6 of the AMC drama in Hall H at Comic-Con in San Diego today, and now the trailer is available online for the rest of us. Check it out ahead…

Are we looking at the re-rise of the Ricktatorship? The trailer for The Walking Dead Season 6 does seem to strongly imply that Rick is aiming to lead the people of Alexandria and help them be more prepared to face what's out there. But a lot of that likely involves doing this his way and on his schedule. From what's revealed in the trailer, it seems like not everyone in the community is on the same page about how things are going. At one point we see Rick deciding it's time to take action, not long after we see graves being dug as someone questions how many more people have to die.

Was that Ethan Embry we saw asking Rick if they were all supposed to just fall in line behind him?


Certainly looks like it, especially when we factor in this Tweet Embry posted earlier...

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And then of course there's Morgan, who arrived in Alexandria at the end of Season 5 just in time to see Rick put a bullet into Pete's head. It's evident Morgan's coming at this survival thing from a different place, and he and Rick aren't likely to see eye to eye. But is it Morgan whom Rick is pointing his gun at later on in the trailer?

Further down the line in the video, we have Daryl with his back up against a tree, a gun pointed at him as he tells the man, "I aint who you think I am." Who's that, exactly?

From the video, it looks like The Walking Dead's sixth season will have a strong emphasis on the Alexandria community adjusting to a different style of leadership, as Rick's group continues to try to merge with the people inside the walls of Alexandria. It'll be exciting to see how that settles. Assuming we're going to see a line dividing Rick and Morgan, it'll also be interesting to see who falls on which side.

The Walking Dead Season 6 will air October 11 on AMC. Check out their excellently creepy SDCC exhibit floor booth here. And more updates on TWD can be found here.

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