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Watch 30 Rock Stars Say Tearful Goodbyes To Tina Fey

We still don't really want to admit that 30 Rock has gone off the air once and for all, but given how much we've been thinking about Jack's invention of clear dishwashers since last Thursday, it's probably time to come to terms with it once and for all. The final episode of the wickedly irreverent show went in for a little more sentiment than it usually does, allowing the characters to tell each other that they love each other and giving fans a chance for an emotional goodbye. But as it turns out, behind the scenes things were getting even more emotional.

NBC has released this brief video of 30 Rock's cast and crew talking about Tina Fey, and beyond having endlessly glowing things to say about their former boss, lot of people get emotional talking about her-- namely stars Jane Krakowksi and Tracy Morgan. Take a look below:

You always brace yourself when learning more about the working relationship that people you admire have with their colleagues, because sometimes you learn things you just didn't want to know. Surely there's plenty about Tina Fey that her colleagues didn't want to share with the NBC cameras, but the general level of emotion in all these interviews really does say a lot. Sure, Tina Fey has made most of these people far more successful and famous than they were before. But she also created a brilliant show and what seems like an amazing work atmosphere on top of it. Plenty of us probably imagined life behind 30 Rock being as chaotic and absurd as TGS, but it's probably better for the people who actually have to work there that it wasn't.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend