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The Online Network has released a new—and lengthy—preview for the new incarnation of All My Children. The extensive preview begins with a sporty car driving into the famed Pine Valley. Old relationships and new ones are looked at in terms of romance and strife, and some familiar faces pop up amidst many new ones. Honestly, there are tons and tons of new faces, likely thanks to the show choosing to skip ahead five years in time for the new reincarnation, which could go a long way to help explain within the storyline why some of All My Children's best and brightest are not present for the new series.

It took months and months to negotiate contracts and determine all of the details involved with turning a long-running ABC soap opera into an Internet-based release; however, kudos to Prospect Park for getting the work done. Earlier we announced that All My Children and One Life To Live would be available via Prospect Park’s The Online Network, as well as Hulu and iTunes, beginning on April 29.

It was a long and difficult uphill battle to get the All My Children gang back together. In the aftermath of ABC’s cancellation, Susan Lucci had some not-so-nice things to say about ABC's decision and then Prospect Park ran into a spot of trouble with getting the soap operas back on their feet. All’s well that ends well, and episodes of both series will be available to the populace beginning at midnight on the 29th.

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