Watch Barney Recap How I Met Your Mother's Romantic History In 1 Minute

How I Met Your Mother premiered its eighth season last night, and amidst the follow-up to the Season 7 finale, Barney had the opportunity to recap the romantic entanglements of the entire series. Opportunity may be putting it mildly. He was sort of in a crunch, but he did manage to sum up all of the romance in a fast-spoken one-minute recap. Check it out ahead!

If you caught "Farhampton," you know that part of the episode had Barney's fiancé Quinn learning about Barney's relationship with Robin. Apparently, she wasn't aware that Barney and Robin once dated. Seems kind of crazy that she hadn't heard about this, but that's put into better perspective when she gives Barney one minute to catch her up on everything. I haven't seen anyone spill the dirty details of the past so thoroughly since Chunk unloaded his darkest deeds on the Fratellis to avoid having his hand stuffed into a blender.

I love that he managed to use the last couple of seconds to squeak in the Price is Right visit. Legendary!

And on a barely-related note, with Partners sharing the hour with HIMYM on Monday nights, CBS almost feels like an Ugly Betty reunion, as we have Becki Newton (Ugly Betty's Amanda) playing Quinn on HIMYM and Mark Urie (Amanda's Betty BFF) starring in Partners. Of course, this might not last for long as it seems like Quinn's days among the group are numbered.

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