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On the surface, everyone at Comic-Con is there to have a great time, but beneath that euphoric outside layer, there’s a really strong desire to be wowed. Thanks to years of shocking casting announcements and stunning footage displays, fans have learned to expect a ton, which is why this timing sucks for Game Of Thrones. The popular HBO drama just finished airing its fifth season, which means it had a whole lot of nothing to show this afternoon. Fortunately, those who work on the show got very creative and busted out a highlight reel of audition tapes, which went over very well. Check it out below…

See, that’s the great thing about Game Of Thrones. This video is so above and beyond better than the typical audition tape montages most shows run. As you can see, this one interplays segments of the actual show with the performances that won these men and women their jobs. And you know what? Apart from the acting partner and the massive costume upgrade, the tones of voice and inflections are remarkably similar. You can actually see how a great casting director could pinpoint exactly who would ultimately crush the role. It’s like pulling back the curtain.

Although I guess it shouldn’t shock anyone that Gwendoline Christie could terrify anyone in the world if you added armor to her massive frame…

As per usual, Game Of Thrones ended this season with a multi-episode bang, not a whimper. Some characters died. Other characters stripped, and fans, of course, ate up every single minute of what’s quickly becoming the most popular and important show on television.

None of the cast members have seen any scripts for Season 6, but the show has already settled on directors and will be back with a bang next year. If history is any indication, the show will return to Comic-Con next year absent a few more characters who will have perished amidst the carnage of the bloodiest show on television and , of course, up a few more ratings points, despite being on premium cable. It’s Game Of Thrones’ television world and we’re all just living in it. Thank God the show still goes the extra mile with footage presentations like this to keep fans happy.

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