Watch Key & Peele Get In Shape In This Hilarious And Twisted 80s-Style Sketch

Key & Peele took it to the limit 80s-style this week, with a hilarious sketch involving a workout routine gone very wrong. Check it out ahead...

The sketch wins on so many levels, from Key and Peele's sweet aerobics moves...

key and peele moves

To a perfect guest spot by Clint Howard, playing the bearer of bad cue-card news...

cue card

Seriously, imagine being told your aerobics partner staged an accident to hurt your family, and you found out while you and he were in full Flash & Lightning mode?!


The clip even goes the extra mile by starting out looking like something we popped into the VCR, spent twenty minutes rewinding and then watched in all its grainy glory. VHS tape quality was never that great. Factor in the numerous times you might use the same tape to record things and imagine just how crappy the video starts to look. With that in mind, watching the above sketch, I wouldn't have hated if part of an old episode of The Young and the Restless had started playing after the clip ended, but that's just my own personal memory of the 80s filtering into this situation.

Here's the really funny part about all of this. As if the sight of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele doing what appears to be a pretty advanced synchronized aerobics routine while wearing leotards weren't funny enough. This video -- sans the stuff about the car accident -- is barely an exaggeration of the 1980s aerobics craze. Don't believe us? Go ahead and mix yourself some Crystal Light and then hit play on the video below...

In fairness, we can laugh at the clothing and music, and marvel at the way all of their hair holds up, but that's some impressive synchronized fitness right there. Plus, bonus: A Growing Pains era Alan Thicke! #1988

Key & Peele airs Wednesday night on Comedy Central.

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