Watch Leonardo DiCaprio's Hilariously Frightened Reaction To Lady Gaga

I think that most people would agree that Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the coolest dudes working in film today. He throws himself whole-heartedly into every role and usually helps the film release to critical and audience praise. He gets nominated for tons of awards and never acts like a fool when he doesn’t win. Also? He dates supermodels almost exclusively. So, coolest of the cool, right? Well, sure, unless he gets too close to Lady Gaga, that is.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s reaction to Lady Gaga passing by him at the Golden Globes was posted on Vine soon after her win for American Horror Story: Hotel. It’s her first Golden Globe win and you can already tell she’s shocked and thankful. All she needed to do to collect her first win was wind her way past DiCaprio as delicately as possible. And, she did. But Leo? Leo is scared as hell to be anywhere near her.

Just look at Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s fine when he thinks some other random guest of the Golden Globes is bumping his arm. But, then, he notices that it’s actually new Globe winner Lady Gaga trying to breeze by and his eyes bug out of his damn head. He’s laughing, enjoying the boozy Hollywood party that the Golden Globes is, he’s having a good time until Gaga parts the tables to head to the stage. So, what exactly is Leo’s problem?

First guess? Leonardo DiCaprio has seen American Horror Story: Hotel and is simply terrified of Lady Gaga’s performance as The Countess. Sure, the guy knows how acting works, but there’s no doubting that a good performance can have a profound effect on the people who watch it. And, if you are playing a cold, calculating killer who runs a crazy-ass hotel where people die all the time, you're going to freak the shit out of people.

Second guess? Leonardo DiCaprio was laughing at Lady Gaga and/or her win when she just so happened to pass right by him. Look at his face, people. Isn’t that the kind of ashamed glance you’d give to someone who walked by you the very second after you said something nasty about them? That face could easily be filled with the fear of getting caught by the person he was making fun of.

Third guess? Leonardo DiCaprio is scared of Lady Gaga. The actual Gaga. Not her character The Countess, but the real, live woman who touched his arm and eased past him. I say, why not? So what if this is a man who cut his hand on the set of Django Unchained and kept on acting his ass off. So what if our main man DiCaprio slept inside of a real dead animal carcass for The Revenant. The man is afraid of Lady Gaga, OK? She of the fresh, bloody meat dress. She of the award show arrival in a giant egg carried by beefy men. Who among us cannot say that we are, at least a little, scared of Lady Gaga?

Well, it’s alright Leonardo DiCaprio. Whatever your reason for fearing The Gaga, we feel you bruh. We feel you.

Adrienne Jones
Senior Content Creator

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