Watch Lisa Kudrow Do A Bad Al Pacino Impersonation In Latest Preview For The Comeback

Well, one thing is clear, Valerie Cherish does a terrible Al Pacino impersonation. The latest teaser for The Comeback has Lisa Kudrow's TV Star character spontaneously quoting The Godfather Part III, only she doesn't seem to recall what movie the line is from. And her Pacino impression isn't very good. But that's kind of what we love about Valerie. Her kind of funny is always just a little bit off.

For reference...

HBO has released a bunch of teasers for The Comeback, which is due to return for its own limited comeback in November. All of them begin with the audio of Valerie begging for another take, a scene that's featured in the original HBO series, when Valerie was on the set of her sitcom, encouraging the audience to beg for another take.

What can we gather about this teaser? Well, there's a glimpse of Mickey -- we're assuming it's him holding the umbrella and laughing at Red's joke -- and it looks like Valerie's in her Aunt Sassy running suit. Is her Pacino quote possibly a response to her having to be back in the suit, perhaps for some kind of Room and Bored reunion special or something? Just a guess, but that would be one way to revisit this story, ten years after the struggling sitcom aired, right?

For those who haven't seen the series, The Comeback stars Lisa Kudrow as former sitcom star Valerie Cherish, a woman who's faded from the spotlight and willing to let a reality TV crew invade her life if it means another chance at fame and glory. While shooting the reality show, Valerie is also starring in a new sitcom, where she has to take the backseat to a group of young, up-and-coming actors. The original cast included Malin Akerman, Lance Barber, Robert Bagnell, Robert Michael Morris, Laura Silverman and Damian Young.

Lisa Kudrow's portrayal of the well-meaning but self-unaware Valerie Cherish was one of many reasons the original series was so great. Unfortunately, it didn't survive beyond a season.

Kudrow and fellow executive producers Michael Patrick King (co-creator) and Dan Bucatinsky are bringing The Comeback back to HBO on Sunday, November 9 for an 8-episode limited comedy series, which will pick up a decade after the original series. Apparently, Valerie still doesn't have it all figured out, and it's just as well. She's at her funniest when she's not entirely caught up on what's happening around her. We can only imagine what she's getting up to lately... besides Pacino impersonation and slow-mo glamor-shoots...

We're so ready for this.

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