Watch This News Anchor Drop An F-Bomb When Talking About Food Trucks

If you’re going to drop an F-bomb on a non-premium cable network, it’s better to do it accidentally on a local news show, rather than on something that’s aired across the nation. Of course, the Internet kind of makes that negligible anyway. In any case, watch this news anchor riotously flub a story about food trucks.

This broadcast comes to us from Indianapolis’ Fox 59, which should soon have a tagline of “The News Team That Doesn’t Have A Problem With Bananas Banging Tacos.” Everything about this is gold, really, as it’s kind of unclear if the anchor just had a slip of the tongue, or if it was more Freudian, since the story they were talking about had romance involved. Let’s not let this guy anywhere near the former McDonald’s slogan “Food, Folks and Fun.”

I’m not sure what’s funnier, his giggly reaction to his own mistake followed by a slow and systematic pronunciation, or the one from the weatherman who cools himself off with his papers. The female co-anchor seemed to lose her amusement fairly quickly, perhaps because her co-worker is as good at high fives as he is at saying “food truck” properly the fuck first time around.

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Here’s a list of other ways this guy could have messed that up without destroying a child’s ears.

Foods TruckTood FrucksFrood TucksFook Truss

I wish we could get some kind of a thermal reading on this guy when he made that mistake, as I’m certain his entire body got hot to the touch immediately afterward, with small patches of sweat forming all over. Similarly, I bet a certain part of his body squeezed up tighter than all of the drums on Whiplash put together.

Speaking of, here’s another recent news broadcast where a woman makes it very clear that she has no idea what a sphincter is.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing about this guy again in the future if Fox 59 covers any bathroom sit-ins, sons of witches, smelly cults or fat ducks.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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