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It seems Adrienne C. Moore’s Orange is the New Black character Cindy Hayes (a.k.a. “Black Cindy”) isn’t about to let Netflix’s crackling log get all the holiday glory this season, as the fictional inmate takes center stage in a new video, which has her beat-boxing “Jingle Bells” in celebration of the holiday season.

Her beat-boxing skills are as impressive as they are festive, but I think it’s the “Black Cindy up in this bitch” mic-drop moment near the end that really gets me. And now I’m craving Season 2. When is Season 2 coming out, Netflix, stop teasing us and give us the date!

In all fairness, Orange is the New Black only premiered its first season back in July, which means we may have a while to wait for Season 2. If ever there’s a drawback to Netflix’s all-at-once approach to releasing seasons of their original programming, it’s that it creates an appetite for their shows and then leaves us high and dry for months. But that’s a minor complaint, all things considered.

While we wait for Season 2 of Orange is the New Black to debut, Netflix subscribers have the whole first season at their disposal. Or we can skip to fan-made highlight videos like this one to appreciate some of the more amusing moments of the series:

In other Netflix news, the streaming video service hasn’t let the holiday season pass by without event. This Christmas will mark the debut of their new animated series Turbo FAST. Check out the trailer for that below:

And then there’s the mentioned log programming, which gives subscribers two options for log-viewing this holiday season. Netflix shared an amusing trailer for Fireplace For Your Home, along with this behind-the-scenes video, which gives us an inside look into how the log-show was made, including the grueling log selection process…

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