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Watch A Reporter Fire Back At A Heckler, Bring Up His Mother

For once, the heckler does not get the last word. This reporter is no joke, smoothly mouthing off when someone heckles him on the air. Local CBS reporter Joe Galli was interrupted soon by a man recreating an infamous on-air prank, except Galli wasn’t taking it so easy. You can give it a watch, below.

I mean, he didn’t miss a beat, did he? Not one to let his broadcast be ruined without a fight, Joe Galli quickly fired back with an always-funny Yo Momma response, much to my surprise and delight.

The heckler, who I assume is the dude creeping in the background at around the 0:11 mark, decided it would be hilarious to recreate, or rather rip-off, a viral youtube video of a Kentucky man interrupting reporters with “fuck her right in the pussy”.

This man, who has ruined a solid two reporters’ day has become an internet smash, with copycats attempting to ruin other stories in a similar way. This is clearly what happened to Joe Galli, as the man in the first video attempted to be the next Fuck Her Right In The Pussy Guy.

Presumably Galli has seen these viral videos, and was determined not to be taken off guard the same way his peers have been. With a quickfire wit that surely got Galli hired as onscreen talent in the first place, he turned the tables and successfully insulted his heckler. The vulgarity of the heckler’s interruption was then turned around, as Galli insulted the dude, as well as his mother.

Yo Momma jokes are timeless, and also serve as something that can easily offend almost anyone. Despite knowing it’s not quite original, there is something about hearing one’s mother insulted that causes instant anger, myself included. Now, I’m not sure what consequences resulted in Joe Galli’s attempt to fight fire with fire, but I appreciate it, although Galli’s Twitter account is almost completely dedicated to people applauding him for firing back against the heckler. With his social media handle being @joegallinews, it's safe to say he still has his job on air in California.

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Way to go Joe. You sure showed that clown that he should let people do their damn job. Fuck that guy. Fuck him right in the… well you know the rest.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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