Watch Sia's Giant Wig Get In The Way During The Latest Carpool Karaoke With James Corden

Plenty of us have been known to sing in our cars on the way to work, but few of us are lucky enough to actually entice some famous voices to sing along with us. James Corden at the Late Late Show has cornered the market of singing with celebrities with his “Carpool Karaoke” segment. His latest guest was none other than Sia, and she brought more than just her talent to the clip as she ran into a bit of trouble with her giant wig. Check it out!

It’s clips like these that really work to remind that celebrities are just people like everybody else. Who among us hasn’t gotten into hot water due to their enormous two-toned wig?

In all seriousness, Sia was a very good sport about opening her “Carpool Karaoke” bit by poking fun at her wig. If she hadn’t made the joke, we might have had to. This way, the clip is nothing but fun to watch. The potential secondhand embarrassment was avoided altogether.

James Corden giving Sia the opportunity to explain the rationale behind the giant wig was a nice beat of seriousness in the otherwise hysterical video. The explanation that Sia wants to preserve her privacy as best she can despite her status as a pop star due to a troubled past makes a lot of sense and proves that she doesn’t just go for the big hair and big bows for the spectacle. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, the most spectacular thing to happen during Corden and Sia’s drive to work was watching Sia successfully hold one dozen eggs on the back of her hands.

Humor and egg balancing aside, Sia’s car singing was super impressive. Not all artists sound quite as great live and without all of the fine-tuning afforded by their recordings, but she sounded positively lovely from behind her wig. James Corden can bring her back for another round of “Carpool Karaoke” any time. In fact, Sia made him sound even better.

Corden has had a variety of guests join him for his drive since taking the reins at The Late late Show at CBS, ranging from Adele to Mariah Carey to Justin Bieber on his tour to repair his image. All of the tune-crooners to hop in the front seat on the way to the studio have helped to turn "Carpool Karaoke" into one of the most fun bits on late night television, and Sia’s ride is definitely worth a few re-watches. At the very least, she deserves one watch for her vocals and one watch just for the wig.

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Laura Hurley
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